Growing up on Chicago’s North Side as the daughter of a real estate developer and a psychologist, Lori Greiner attended Loyola University where she majored in Communications, focusing on journalism, television, and film. During her time at Loyola she worked for the Chicago Tribune and also sold her own jewelry on the side.

Greiner career as an entrepreneur began with one idea that would catapult her into becoming an international multi-million dollar brand. It was her love of jewelry that inspired her to create an earring organizer. She patented the design which was picked up by J.C. Penny  just prior to the holiday season. Taking out a loan of $300,000 she created her first business For Your Ease Only Inc., which made $1 million in sales within the first 18 months and that was just the start.

To date she now holds 120 US and international patents and has created over 450 products. The key to Greiner’s success lies in her ability to problem solve for the masses, creating affordable products that improve people’s lives. Affectionately known as the Queen of QVC, Greiner’s passionate Entrepreneurialism and keen instinct for knowing whether a product has potential for success or not, has won her a wide recognition for her achievements. 

You can learn from Lori’s vast business experience in her book

Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!: Make Your Million Dollar Idea into a Reality