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October 14, 2016

Angels and Tomboys – Handmade Body Sprays for Kids

Developed by sisters Madison & Mallory Body, Angels and Tomboys is a […]
October 4, 2016

Pete & Pedro

Pete & Pedro a line of men’s hair styling products. PROPOSED DEAL: $100,000 […]
October 4, 2016


CreaProducts a hair cutting guide and associated beauty products. PROPOSED DEAL: $200,000 for […]
October 2, 2016

Glacé Cryotherapy

Glacé Cryotherapy is a franchise featuring a whole-body cryotherapy device. PROPOSED DEAL: $100,000 […]
October 2, 2016


BetterBack a back supporter which improves posture to relieve back pain. PROPOSED […]
October 2, 2016

Beard King

Facial hair is something most men now a days have, whether it’s […]
October 1, 2016

Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos hair care products for very curly hair . PROPOSED DEAL: $50,000 […]
October 1, 2016


Sprëtz a deodorizer for both breath and hands. PROPOSED DEAL: $100,000 for 20% […]
October 1, 2016


PiperWai is a natural deodorant without chemicals. PROPOSED DEAL: $50,000 for 10% stake. […]
October 1, 2016

Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe is a line of skin treatment products with Korean influences. […]
October 1, 2016

Grip Clean

Grip Clean is a natural hand soap for heavy grease. PROPOSED DEAL: $85,000 […]
October 1, 2016

Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board is a modified balance board for better workouts. PROPOSED […]
October 1, 2016

Saavy Naturals

Saavy Naturals” a line of beauty bars and lotions made from food-grade […]
October 1, 2016

S.T.E.M. Center USA

S.T.E.M. Center USA is a learning center for science, technology, and math […]
October 1, 2016

The Skinny Mirror

The Skinny Mirror a mirror that reflects a slightly smaller reflection to […]