Toy Box – Chocolate With A Toy Inside


Atlantic Candy Company has been in the candy game since the 1980’s and was even the lead contract manufacturer of such massive brands like Hershey, Mauna-Loa, Nestle, and M&M Mars. Now with a new product of their own for these candy legends are ready to share it with the world.

Introducing Toy Box! it’s a product of Atlantic Candy Company that is made up of a chocolate shell with a toy inside. In episode 4 of shark tank season 8 the team swam into the shark tank with what they believe is the hottest new candy product in recent years.

Toy Box uses a patined safe-capsule technologoy that makes safe for kids of all ages. On top of that the chocolcate is made in the USA, is organic,glutten free, non-GMO and 100% FDA approved.

Inside each Toy Box you will find one of the many different action figures, race cars, animal statues, or possibly something else waiting for you while you devour your chocolate. With so many different prizes inside you will want to collect them all.

UPDATE: Atlantic Candy Company doesn’t seem to have a website up for buying these items yet, however you can get very similar items on amazon called Choco Treasure

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