The Fizzics Draft Beer System

This is a must have for beer drinkers. Who doesn’t like to have a few cold beers at home. It’s cheaper than those pricey bar drinks and much more relaxing, but one thing you can’t get is that fresh off the tap taste. It just doesn’t taste the same when you drink it in a can or bottle as it does when it’s freshly poured into a pint glass.

 Introducing The Fizzics Draft Beer System


Scientifically engineered to make your beer taste better than ever. The worlds first and only portable beer system that delivers an awesome tap taste from any can or bottle. Simply place any size can or bottle up to a 64 oz growler and insert the feed tube. Once you pull the tap handle forward the system will begin to pour the beer under pressure at a controlled rate with no gas, no chemicals and no replaceable cartages.


The Fizzics Draft Beer System uses 4 AA batteries so you don’t have to worry about find an outlet to plug it in. Combine this with it’s lightweight and durable construction you can take this thing on camping trips, tailgating, pretty much anywhere. 

The Fizzics Draft Beer System had every single shark in the tank, all 6 of them, amazed by the way it changed the taste. It didn’t take long for the offers to start flying.


PROPOSED DEAL: $500,000 for 4% stake.


WATCH THIS EPISODE: Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 01

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