Spoonful of Comfort

When a friend or loved one is under the weather we usually feel the need to help them or ease their struggle and make them feel better. Traditionally you might bring over chicken soup, but these days with so many loved ones scattered across the country it isn’t always possible. This is where Spoonful of Comfort can make that happen. 

Spoonful of Comfort offers a service that delivers the perfect Get-Well package. Included in the package is a generous (64oz) helping of delicious soup, a half dozen bread rolls and cookies, a ladle to serve it with and a personalized card from the sender; all for the same cost as a bouquet of flowers. You can check out more about Spoonful of Comfort at their website.

PROPOSED DEAL: $400,000 for 10% stake.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.spoonfulofcomfort.com

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