Solemates – High Heel Cap Protectors


Becca Brown and Monica Ferguson went into the shark with in Episode 4 of Shark Tank Season 8 with their product Solemates. Solemates are protective sleeves made of plastic that slip right over the heel of a high heeled shoe while you are wearing it.

It’s very easy to damage a pair of heels, even just walking down the sidewalk can cause heels over time to get damaged. Not to mention any other kind of disastrous terrain you might encounter like grass, cobblestone, slippery flooring, the list goes on. Solemates puts an end to that. It’s flexible design slips over almost any type of heel and firmly squeezes while not causing any damage to the heel. With it’s unique design and it’s wider base it makes your heal much more stable and will now protect it from damage. The product is almost invisible and it comes in both clear plastic and black.

Celebrities have known about Solemates from a while, how do you think they dance in heels? Demi Lovato uses them while preforming on stage, so does Carrie Underwood. Oprah, Lauren Conrad, and Emily Maynard all used them at weddings, and actresses, Natalie Morales from “Today” and Robin Wright from “House of Cards”  uses them while filming.


Solemates are reusable but over time will need to be replaced, but that’s better than going somewhere to get your shoe tips repaired. It’s available in 3 different sizes, Classic, Narrow, and Wide, and between these 3 sizes it should fit 99.9% of all heels. Most heels use the classic, however some of your heels might need a wide or narrow depending on the thickness of the heel itself.

Solemates also makes other products that you might find really cool.


Block Blister can help you avoid blisters and irritations cause by tight fitting shoes. Used as a preventive rather than a treatment, Block Blister is an anti-friction balm that you apply to your feet BEFORE putting on your shoes to avoid getting painful blisters. Next time you need to break in a new pair of shoes this will be a must.


Solemates also makes a selection of “S.O.S” rescue kits that are great gifts for bridal showers. For example, the Wedding Rescue Kit contains Advil, antacid, Blistex, bobby pins, safety pins, bandage, ear plugs, elastic hair band, nail file, comb, tissues, miniature sewing kit, Shout wipe,tampon, breath mints, and floss. Pretty much everything you might need on hand. They also have a Shoe Rescue Kit.


And the cherry on top is the all natural solemates shoe freshener made without harsh chemicals. It eliminates bacteria that builds up in shoes and boots and removes unwanted odors while delivering a fresh scent.


You can buy the solemates heel protector sizes individually or in a combo pack that includes all 3 sizes.


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