Safe Grabs – Microwave Mats To Protect Your Hands


Have you ever burnt your hands trying to take something out of the microwave that was to hot? I think we all have. Don’t worry, Cyndi Lee went into the shark tank in episode 5, season 8 of Shark Tank to pitch her product that will keep your hands safe and protected.

Safegrabs is a 8-in-1 silicone mat that will change your kitchen forever. You just put it on the turn table of the microwave before you place your bowl or plate inside and then when the microwave is finished you scoop up your dish in with the Safegrabs mat. This product is sure to fly off the shelves and be a huge hit – with or without a deal. Scroll down to the bottom and check out if Cyndi was able to make a deal with a Shark. I’ll throw a link in right here if you want to pick up your own set of Safe Grabs


PROPOSED DEAL: $75,000 for 12%

WATCH THIS EPISODE: Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 5

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