GoodHangUps – Magnetic Sticker System

On the second episode of Shark Tank season 8 Leslie Pierson jumped into the tank to pitch her product GoodHangUps. GoodHangUps is an awesome new way to hang your pictures without ruining your walls and pictures with nails and tacks.

When it comes to hanging stuff on the wall we always have to ask our self the same question, how? What am I going to use to hang whatever it is i’m going to hang. Puddies tend to be a mess, tape and tacks end up wrecking whatever you’re hanging with little holes or possibly ripping or damaging it with tape.

GoodHangUps is the solution to this problem.It’s a wall magnet system that can turn any wall, door or glass into a magnet board. The secret is in the MagnaStickers, they are removable and reusable stickers with a thin magnet inside. To use it simple put the sticker on the wall, hang your picture, then place the magnet on top to create a tight seal. They work on all sorts of surfaces like concrete, brick, tile,wood and textured walls.

If you were to place a magnet on the wall with a piece of tape it could start to damage the wall with in a week. GoodHangUps uses a special magnet that won’t damage any of the surfaces you put it on.


PROPOSED DEAL: $100,000 for 10% stake.


WATCH THIS EPISODE: Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 02

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