Shark Wheel

Shark Wheels are next-level wheels.

Inventor David Patrick’s accidentally discovery while designing an alternating wake turbine quite literally has led to the re-invention of the wheel as we know it.

Shark wheels are high-performance wheels which look like a combination of a cube, sphere and a sine wave. At first glance the wheels give the impression of being square, but they roll as smoothly as conventional wheels. Their multiple interlocking ring design (sine wave pattern) creates a thinner contact patch between wheel and pavement, allowing for less rolling resistance and a faster ride.

They also boast superior grip in wet conditions and all-terrain versatility. The grooved design kicks away debris and channels liquid away, reducing hydroplaning and providing exceptional traction in any conditions.

The wheel are currently available for both skate boards and long boards, but the company hopes to see applications for just about any kind of wheel in the near future. They are currently in the works for designing some for wheel chair application.


PROPOSED DEAL: $100,000 for 5% stake.


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