Fort Magic

Fort Magic is the ultimate building toy for kids. Let your children’s imagination run wild with this creative and unique toy. In episode 25 of shark tank season 5 Erika Pope walked into the shark tank with her product Fort Magic. 

One of the most memorable things we do as kids is build forts, it’s blanket forts, pillow forts, or some crazy expansive maze that combines every blanket, chair, and pillow in the house, one thing is clear. Kids like to use their imaginations. Fort Magic is the perfect gift for imaginative children, each kit includes a large variety of sticks and connectors that allow the kids to make any type of fort they can image. With just a single Fort Magic kit a child could build a race car, castle, or pirate ship. If you get more than one, well watch out because the possibilities could become endless. Below i’ve added the pitch for the Fort Magic from the shark tank episode and a link to it on amazon.


PROPOSED DEAL: $75,000 for 15% stake.


WATCH THIS EPISODE: Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 25

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