PostureNOW – Perfect Corrector

shark tank

On the third episode of Shark Tank season 4 Matt Franklin & Mike Lane were the fourth entrepreneurs to step into the shark tank with a solution to posture problems. Posture affects us all. Good posture is critical for taking care of our backs and supporting our muscles. PostureNOW is a simple device that can be worn inside or outside your clothes. When your shoulders slouch back it gives you a gentle reminder to keep them straight.

Kevin was first to make an offer of $100k for 50% + a 10% royalty on every unit sold. Mike shot down that deal. Mike and Daymond John got into a war of words and  Daymond stepped out. Barbara felt the presentation was weak when it came to explaining who is going to buy the product and went out. Robert Herjavec made an offered of $100k for 40% but then revoked it. Mark Cuban swooped in with an offer of $100k for 30% and a $5 royalty on each unit sold until he recovered his investment. 

PROPOSED DEAL: $100,000 for 15% stake.


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