Marz Sprays

marz sprays

On the fifth episode of Shark Tank season 4 Brandon & Keith Marz were the fourth entrepreneur to step into the shark tank with her product Marz Sprays.

No one likes taking pills anymore, not when a more easy and enjoyable solution is available. Marz Sprays are simple and easy solutions to getting your daily does of vitamins and energy. 

Daymond John saw a bit of a hang up on certain aspects of the business and went out. Robert Herjavec was never interested in supplements and for that reason he went out. Next was Mark Cuban, he didn’t see this brand being the next big thing and went out. Lori Greiner was a fan of the homeopathic business and offered $200k for $30%. Kevin O’Leary undercut Lori and offered $200k for 25%. Lori Greiner dropped to 25%.


PROPOSED DEAL: $200,000 for 10% stake.


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