Ecreamery – Ice Cream And Gelato


On the second episode of Shark Tank season 4 Abby Jordan and Becky App were the third entrepreneurs to step into the shark tank to showcase their luxury icecream.

Gone are the days of sending flowers as a gift. Now are the days of sending Ice-cream! Ecreamery allows you to make customizable ice cream, gelato or sorbet from dozens of different options and have it delivered as a gift.

Kevin was the first to open the floor and offered $125k for 25%. Daymond didn’t like the deal and stepped out. Robert loved the idea but felt it was going in to many directions and went out. Barbara saw it more as a loan than an investment opportunity and passed on the deal. Mark felt the business would get taken out by competitors and also passed. 


PROPOSED DEAL: $250,000 for 33% stake.


WATCH THIS EPISODE: Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 2

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