Buggy Beds

shark tank buggy beds

On the first episode of Shark Tank season 4 Maria Curcio & Veronica Perlongo were the fourth entrepreneur to step into the shark tank with a solution to a national epidemic. Bed Bugs!

Buggy Beds is a bed bug trap. It can be used as an early detection system to lure, trap and kill the bed bugs before they spread. Just placing a few of them around your couch and bed will give you a piece of mind about bed bugs.

Kevin was the first to throw out an offer of $250k for 25%. He opened the offer to any sharks that wanted a piece of the deal. Daymond said he would come in on the deal. Barbara swooped in with an offer of $150k for 15%. The girls hesitated to answer her offer and she removed it from the table and stepped out. Mark then spoke up and proposed a deal of $250k for 25% between himself, Kevin, Daymond, Barbara and Robert.


PROPOSED DEAL: $125,000 for 7% stake.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://buggybeds.com/

WATCH THIS EPISODE: Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 1

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