Bev Buckle

shark tank bev buckle

On the first episode of Shark Tank season 4 Jay Kriner was the second entrepreneur to step into the shark tank with his product the bev buckle.

The ultimate man’s tool. It’s a belt buckle that turns into a tray for your drink. Simply flip down the buckle to make it the perfect place to set you drink. In order to ensure your drink doesn’t fall a metal ring pops up allow you to fit the bottle inside and secure its hold. 

Daymond felt it was to much work for him and he stepped out. Mark followed suit. Robert offered a deal of $50k for 75%. Kevin thought Roberts deal was horrible and offered a different deal, $50k for a 12% royalty. Barbara jumped in with an offer of $50k for 51% and Jay agreed.

PROPOSED DEAL: $100,000 for 10% stake.


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