Tower Paddle Boards


Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to enjoy your day at the beach or lake. You can take it easy and casually paddle around or you can go full throttle and get an extreme work.

Even if you’ve never paddle boarded before in your life it’s such a simple and easy to learn sport that it won’t take you longer than 15 minutes before you feel at home on the board.

Tower Paddle Boards are the first straight to consumer stand up paddle board on the market. This means you get the highest quality board for your money without a middle man charging you hundreds of dollars more.

Tower Paddle offers a selection of different boards depending on your experience level, as well as a easy to transport inflatable paddle board.When it’s deflated you can fit it inside a backpack, but when it’s inflated is comparable to all other boards. The typical paddle board will cost you anywhere from $1100-$15000, but the rhe iSUP package is half that price.

PROPOSED DEAL: $150,000 for 10% stake.


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