The Chord Buddy – Guitar Learning System


Learning the guitar can be a terrifyingly daunting task, even with hours of practice, bleeding fingers and lessons it can take weeks or months to learn just the basic chords and if you’re really persistent you might be able to strum your way through a song or two in a couple months.

The Chord Buddy fixes all of these problems by simplifying the most difficult part for you. Rather than spending weeks building up calluses on your fingers and learning where to place your fingers the Chord Buddy literally allows you to play guitar with a push of a button.

The unique design consists of four color-coded buttons, each of which press the appropriate notes for one of the four most common chords played; C,D, G and E minor. If you can manage to press a few buttons and strum you will be able to play hundreds of songs.

The chords buddy isn’t only a innovative designed tool, it also teaches you how to play guitar without the chord buddy by allowing you to remove one button at a time until you no longer need it at all!

It might sound to good to be true, but customers love it! They are picking up their guitars and playing songs they couldn’t never mange to before within minutes. Check out The Chord Buddy for yourself

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