First Defense Nasal Screens

It seems like at least at some point in the year everyone gets hit with allergies. You probably know the frustration of having a runny nose when working on a project.

First Defense Nasal Screens are an innovative way to prevent these particles from entering your respiratory system. First Defense Nasal Screens adhere to the outside of your nose, only covering the nasal passages. They’re comfortable and discrete, yet block nearly all particles from entering your nose.

Unlike traditional masks, First Defense Nasal Screens are cool, comfortable, and can be worn in public without feeling self-conscious. There are no elastic straps rubbing on your head and no stuffy mask to wear. First Defense Nasal Screens provide all of the same benefits of a mask without any of the inconveniences.

Studies conducted on the First Defense Nasal Screens show that it blocks up to 99% of airborne allergens including pollen, dander, dust and mold. It’s also effective at stopping the germs and bacteria floating out in public that make us sick. First Defense Nasal Screens are an excellent first line of defense for any respiratory issues.

The company has thousands of happy customers that have finally found a product that works. Everyone from construction workers to people in smoke-filled environments to those just doing yard work on the weekend loves their First Defense Nasal Screens.

These people who were never able to be around allergens for more than a few minutes are now free to go anywhere they please. Both the stringent testing and the hundreds of customer testimonials are a testament to just how effective the First Defense Nasal Screens are.

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