Voyage Air Guitar – Fold Up Guitar

Voyage Air Guitar – Fold Up Guitar

Guitars are an essential tool for many when it comes time to pack up your bags and hit the road, however their aren’t really built for travel. Even with a guitar case they are still inconvenient to carry around take up a lot of space.

Introducing the Voyage Air Guitar – The first fold up guitar that makes traveling with a guitar simple and easy. The Voyage Air Guitar folds in half creating a compact easy to move instrument you don’t have to worry about damaging. Now don’t let this amazing feature mis-lead you into thinking this is just a “travel guitar”, these guitars are full-size with amazing sound quality comparable to  the top name brands.

When portability is your concern don’t settle for the tin can sounding, cheap build of other travel guitars. Instead get the Voyage Air Guitar that was created for guitarist by guitarist without sacrificing quality or sound.

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