Power Decal – Light Up Stickers

Every sports fan loves to show support and pride for their team, and bumper stickers are just another way we can do that. These things are available everywhere and it seems like everyones got one on the back of the car or somewhere. That can make it tough for the real fans to stand out,Until now. What you need is a PowerDecal, the light up sticker.

The Powerdecal takes team spirit to a whole new level. In the daytime it looks just like a normal decal, but at night, it lights up with LED lights and becomes a beacon of team pride!

Unlike normal decals that can damage the paint on your car, the PowerDecal is placed inside the car on the window using adhesive strips that keep it firmly in place.

The Power Decal is available for all major sports including MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL and many college sports.

PROPOSED DEAL: $100,000 for 5% stake.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://powerdecal.com

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