Fridge Fonts Appliance Covers

Sick of looking at that same old boring refrigerator? maybe it has some dings or dents from a while back, or perhaps is just doesn’t match your current decor – never fear! Fridge Fronts is here!

With fridge fonts you can place full sized magnetic panels with fun and decorative designs straight onto your existing fridge in minutes. with countless design styles the sky is the limit with the kind of images you can print on these covers, and the best part? It’s not only for refrigerators! They can also do dishwasher covers as well. Now you can pair up your dishwasher and refrigerator with the same awesome pattern.

Now who’s ready to turn that old boring fridge into an awesome piece of art. Check out Fridgefonts website for more info.

PROPOSED DEAL: $100,000 for 30% stake.


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